July ’23 Newsletter

Campaign Update

The drive for recognition for the first USU bargaining unit – Student and Instructional Services – has been heating up this summer.

Summer house visits

You might wonder why members of the USU Organizing Committee are visiting your house. In short, house visits are one of the most effective ways to reach everyone, and they allow an opportunity to talk about the union without the potentially uncomfortable presence of supervisors. To learn more about house visits, please visit this FAQ.

If you’d like to get involved in organizing this summer, please respond to this email and we’ll get you started with onboarding.

Fall membership drive

The Organizing Committee is hard at work preparing for a Fall membership drive for the Student and Instructional Services group, which includes around 1600 staff across all three campuses in the following groups: Libraries & Museums, Academic & Student Services, Instructional Services and The Arts.

If you’d like to help gather signatures in the Fall,please fill out the Keep me Posted form on the USU website.

Tell your story

One of the best ways to help others feel at ease in joining the union effort is to share your story about why you support USU. Please fill out this form to set up an interview

USU Social Lunch – 7/22

Next Week – Virtual Informational meetings for workers at Ross, Flint and Dearborn

If you work in one of these areas or know someone who does, please attend or invite others to the appropriate informational meeting:

Ross – Tuesday 7/25 @6:30pm

Dearborn – Wednesday 7/26 @ 6:30pm

Flint – Thursday 7/27 @ 6:30pm

To attend these virtual meetings, email us at info@universitystaffunited.org.

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