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Join your coworkers in forming a staff union.

USU is by and for staff across the University of Michigan. We work together to improve conditions and keep what we appreciate about our jobs.

  • Samuel Simpson, Resource Sharing Specialist, Illiad/Collections (Ann Arbor Campus)

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Job Creep

Have major new responsibilities been added to your job description without commensurate compensation? After a colleague retired or left, was their job posted with vastly broader duties at a similar or lower salary level? Have you been asked to cover a colleague’s duties over an extended period (for example, over a medical leave) without earning commensurate additional pay? Do you fear retaliation if you speak up about these issues? USU will fight to protect staff against job creep through clear guidelines negotiated with U-M and, most importantly, through rigorous enforcement of these guidelines.

Flexible and Remote Work

Climate & Discrimination


U-M wages should be competitive with the private sector, and should be internally logical and fair. Older U-M staff may remember a time when they earned an annual raise well above the rate of inflation. Now many of us have gone years with our salaries barely keeping up with the cost of living. Meanwhile, the university’s savings account, the endowment, has grown to $17 billion. It grew $4.7 billion in 2021 alone! We need an organization with bargaining power to fight for our income and our benefits.

Career Advancement